Meeting the challenge and demand for high bandwidth real time voice, video and data distribution is what we do.


STARSTM is the most rugged compact and portable tactical surveillance kit available today.  This complete package offers users the ability to transmit a video feed in 5 separate modes (simultaneously or any combination of the 5)

➢ 3G/4G

➢ 802.11 Secure Wi-Fi (+/- 100 yds.)

➢ Digital Out to global radio network (many to many)

➢ Digital Out to tactical ADHOC (one to one/one to many)

➢ Analog Out (specifically for Harris network application)


STARSTM is an essential system in bridging the real time information gap across geographic boundaries.  Whether the demand is a mile away or around the world STARSTM gives the ability to take any video input and redistribute it to those in need in real time.


Serastar Technologies Corporation's® solutions offer FIPS 140 / DHS Compliant Dedicated Servers for securely routing critical information to all echelons of command and control.


SMR-500 is the newest MANET radio on the market built to meet the most rugged and demanding applications in a tactical environment.  Body worn, strategically positioned, or thrown to the ground, MESSENGER radios provide the means for transmitting voice, video and data with the safety, security and reliability required for all your critical needs.

Applications include:


  • Covert Surveillance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Public Safety
  • Maritime Communications
  • Perimeter Security
  • Manned Airborne
  • Unmanned Airborne operations
  • Tele-Medicine
  • Industrial Field service
  • Vehicle - Vehicle Communications
  • Deep Tunnel Communications

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