The team at Serastar Technologies Corporation® looks for critical problems within our varying market segments and then attacks potential solutions utilizing leading edge technologies.  With a focus on Mission Success, we leverage user level feedback to develop, design and manufacture the newest products that will become the essential cost effective package of solutions and components for our Stakeholders.


We move voice, video, data and more.  Whether it’s a military, Law Enforcement, public safety or industrial application, Serastar® provides cost effective COTS products around the world for toughest tactical applications.


Serastar’s® STARS™ System, SMR-500 MANET radios, and patented tactical camera systems provide the best of existing technology and adds new features and capabilities yet unseen in this market.  While maximizing features and benefits, we have partnerships and manufacturing capability that allow us to offer our unique STARS™ system and cameras, or advanced radios at a fraction of all competitors.

The STARS™ (Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Recon System) is unmatched in the industry in its ability to provide real time situational awareness to all levels of command in a man portable/vehicle mounted, rugged, and cost effective package.


Serastar® is an authorized license holder of ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit) which integrates seamlessly to the STARS™ and SMR-500 MANET radio.


You can’t do it all alone in the world.  That’s why Serastar® has developed unique partnerships with developers, designers, manufacturers and marketers. These partnerships provide for Serastar® system components Kaishot digital recorder, Leopold scope camera, weapon sight camera and more.



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